Presentation Schedule- 2015.12.30

Added by Angus Huang over 2 years ago

2015.12.30 - Angus
[Schulz 2015] Accurate pollutant modeling and mapping: Applying machine learning to participatory sensing and urban topology data

2015.01.13 - Yuhsiang
[Hasenfratz 2014] Pushing the Spatio-Temporal Resolution Limit of Urban Air Pollution Maps

2016.02.05 - PoChing
[Zheng 2013] U-Air: When Urban Air Quality Inference Meets Big Data

2016.02.26 - Kalpana
[Zheng 2015] Forecasting Fine-Grained Air Quality Based on Big Data

2016.03.08 - Shawn
[Hsieh 2015] Inferring Air Quality for station Location Recommendation based on urban big data