Presentation Schedule- 2016.03.22

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2016.03.22 - Yuhsiang
Training of TaiwanAir Project

2016.05.05 - Angus
21 Must-Know Data Science Interview Questions and Answers

2016.05.20 - PoChing
TensorFlow Training -section I

2016.07.08 - PoChing
TensorFlow Training -section II

2016.07.15 - Cancel. 資料科學年會

2016.07.22 - Kalpana

2016.07.29 - Shawn

2016.08.05 - 鄭雅文

2016.08.12 - 郭彥君

2016.0819 - 葉怡君

Presentation Schedule- 2015.12.30

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2015.12.30 - Angus
[Schulz 2015] Accurate pollutant modeling and mapping: Applying machine learning to participatory sensing and urban topology data

2015.01.13 - Yuhsiang
[Hasenfratz 2014] Pushing the Spatio-Temporal Resolution Limit of Urban Air Pollution Maps

2016.02.05 - PoChing
[Zheng 2013] U-Air: When Urban Air Quality Inference Meets Big Data

2016.02.26 - Kalpana
[Zheng 2015] Forecasting Fine-Grained Air Quality Based on Big Data

2016.03.08 - Shawn
[Hsieh 2015] Inferring Air Quality for station Location Recommendation based on urban big data

Presentation Schedule- 2015.07.07

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2015.05.29 - Angus
[Lin 2014] Assessing Sentiment Segregation in Urban Communities

2015.06.03 - Yuhsiang
[Zheng 2015] Forecasting Fine-Grained Air Quality Based on Big Data

2015.06.17 - Mike
[Wang 2014] Travel Time Estimation of a Path using Sparse Trajectories

2015.07.01 - Kalpana
[Yuan 2015] Discovering Urban Functional Zones Using Latent Activity Trajectories

2015.07.15 - Yeh, Hsin Yuan
中研院健康巨量資訊技術平台子計畫- Exploratory GUI for NHI (National Health Insurance) Database, Based on Google Blockly

2015.07.22 - PoChing
[Hsieh 2015] Inferring Air Quality for Station Location Recommendation Based on Urban Big Data

2015.07.29 - Wilson
[Lin 2015] g-Miner= Interactive Visual Group Mining on Multivariate Graphs

MobiSys 2013 (1 comment)

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MobiSys 2013

Session 1: Vehicular Systems and Apps
★★★ AMC: Verifying User Interface Properties for Vehicular Applications
CarSafe App: Alerting Drowsy and Distracted Drivers using Dual Cameras on Smartphones
已報告-CrowdAtlas: Self-Updating Maps for Cloud and Personal Use
Sensing Vehicle Dynamics for Determining Driver Phone Use

Session 2: Energy, Privacy and Security
Optimizing Background Email Sync on Smartphones
★★★ Energy Characterization and Optimization of Image Sensing Toward Continuous Mobile Vision
Leveraging graphical models to improve accuracy and reduce privacy risks of mobile sensing
ProtectMyPrivacy: Detecting and Mitigating Privacy Leaks on iOS Devices Using Crowdsourcing

Session 3: Advertisements and Search
SmartAds: Bringing Contextual Ads to Mobile Apps
CAMEO: A Middleware for Mobile Advertisement Delivery
Scalable Crowd-Sourcing of Video from Mobile Devices

Session 4: OS, Software, and Virtualization
Just-in-Time Provisioning for Cyber Foraging
SIF: A Selective Instrumentation Framework for Mobile Applications
RetroSkeleton: Retrofitting Android Apps
SmartSynth: Synthesizing Smartphone Automation Scripts from Natural Language

Session 5: Location, Indoors and Outdoors
FM-based Indoor Localization via Automatic Fingerprint DB Construction and Matching
已報告-High-Accuracy Differential Tracking of Low-Cost GPS Receivers
Guoguo: Enabling Fine-grained Indoor Localization via Smartphone
Avoiding Multipath to Revive Inbuilding WiFi Localization

Session 6: Interface design
已報告-Spartacus: Spatially-Aware Interaction for Mobile Devices Through Energy-Efficient Audio Sensing
ViRi: View It Right
ScreenPass: Secure Password Entry for Touchscreen Devices

Session 8: Behavior and Activity Recognition
已報告-NuActiv: Recognizing Unseen New Activities Using Semantic Attribute-Based Learning
已報告-SocioPhone: Everyday Face-To-Face Interaction Monitoring Platform Using Multi-Phone Sensor Fusion
已報告-MoodScope: Building a Mood Sensor from Smartphone Usage Patterns
Auditeur: A Mobile-Cloud Service Platform for Acoustic Event Detection on Smartphones


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